Pima County

Tucson, Arizona, United States

0915 - Trades Maintenance Specialist - Senior (Senior Electrician - Parks / Fields / Ramadas / etc.)

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Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Position Description

This position is in the Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department and is an on-call position that may require weekend and holiday work.


Salary Grade: 47

As a Senior Electrician for the Pima County Parks and Recreation Department, you will be a leader in advanced or expert levels of operation, maintenance, construction or modifications to equipment, complex systems (including natural resource features or ecological systems), projects or facilities. You will frequently operate independently and serve as the system or Department expert on complex equipment, systems (mechanical or ecological) or projects. This manual labor position requires the ability to lift and carry up to 75 pounds. All employees must safely carry out and complete assigned work order tasks while working around operating stationary equipment, vehicles, and other powered equipment. This position is distinguished from the Trades Maintenance (TM) Supervisor, which typically exercises full supervisory authority over a crew or work center engaged in facilities, grounds, equipment, or specialized systems maintenance.

Please note: Successful candidates offered employment with Pima County, including current employees who have applied for new positions, are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to their scheduled start date. If you are unable to become fully vaccinated due to a medical disability or religious observance/practice, you must request an accommodation - accommodation forms are located online.


(Work assignments may vary depending on the department's needs and will be communicated to the applicant or incumbent by the supervisor.)

Performs operational and preventive maintenance of complex facilities, equipment and/or systems that may include monitoring of specialized park areas such as natural resource or ecological systems;
Performs critical repairs to complex systems, equipment and related features to maintain system integrity and functions in accordance with standards, rules and regulations, particularly those systems or equipment operated under permits or licenses granted by other governmental agencies;
Serves as system or Departmental technical expert in the maintenance and modification of complex equipment and systems, including natural resource maintenance and interpretation;
Interprets and applies required codes or standards to work situations;
Interprets complex blueprints, schematics and diagrams to facilitate work;
Prepares working sketches, drawings and estimates of resources required for assigned projects;
Operates specialized equipment in direct support of other activities;
Recommends to engineering, support staff and management, modifications to current equipment, facilities, processes and systems to enhance operability, reliability and/or compliance with industrial or governmental standards or to enhance and protect or preserve ecological systems;
Acts as work center shift supervisor in the absence of the TM Supervisor;
Inspects and approves work of supporting operations and maintenance staff;
Coordinates equipment and system modifications or maintenance with operations and maintenance staff, supported facility managers or end-users to assure minimal disruption of services;
Maintains security and confidentiality of sensitive equipment, materials or end-products, particularly those associated with law enforcement and correctional activities;
Participates in development of Requests for Proposals and contracts for equipment, supplies and services;
Monitors contractor/vendor-supplied equipment, supplies and services for compliance with contract provisions;
Conducts or coordinates specialized training for TM staff in the systems being supported;
Inspects, services and maintains common and specialized tools, equipment and vehicles used in performance of duties;
Maintains comprehensive records of work performed, modifications to equipment or systems, and related operations logs;
Prepares periodic and special reports for management on equipment, systems and/or facilities supported or maintained;
May collect via manual, mechanical or electronics means, samples of process materials for subsequent analysis or to monitor proper functioning of the systems supported.

Knowledge of:

  • operating principles, practices and techniques of assigned complex or specialized equipment, systems or facilities support systems;
  • operation and maintenance of tools, equipment and materials encountered in area of assignment;
  • operation and maintenance of testing and monitoring equipment common to skill, trade or are of specialization;
  • effective supervision, training and communications techniques;
  • hazards, safety procedures or equipment required in the area of specialization or assigned work-areas;
  • codes, standards, rules and regulations applicable to the craft, trade, specialty or area of work assignment;
  • basic contracting processes, including quality assurance or inspection of supplies or services for compliance with contracts;
  • principles and practices of park maintenance in area of assignment;
  • practices and principles in the maintenance of ecological systems.

Skill in:
  • following written and oral instructions;
  • preparing working sketches, drawings and estimates of resources required for assigned projects;
  • interpreting and applying required codes, standards, rules and regulations to work situations;
  • interpreting complex blueprints, schematics and diagrams;
  • maintaining documentation of activities;
  • leading, supervising and evaluating the work of others;
  • developing, implementing and monitoring work-unit budgets;
  • conducting and coordinating specialized and on-the-job training for assigned staff in the skill, craft, trade or area of specialization;
  • communicating effectively;
  • monitoring, assessing, and maintaining the condition of assigned ecological systems.
Minimum Qualifications

(1) Six years of direct journey-level work experience as an electrician.
(2) Three years of experience with Pima County as a Trades Maintenance Specialist as an electrician.

Qualifying education and experience must be clearly documented in the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of the application. Do not substitute a resume for your application or write "see resume" on your application.

Preferred Qualifications:

(Be specific in describing your experience in your application. Ensure the descriptions provided illustrate your competencies, specifically addressing the required and preferred qualifications.):

  1. Three (3) years journey-level experience in the installation, operation, and repair of control wiring, electrical distribution switch gear, motor control centers, and power generation equipment.
  2. Low and high-voltage lighting and lighting related to commercial and/or industrial applications.
  3. Water well system, irrigation system, and/or solar system electrical controls installation and repair.
  4. Experienced in the use of aerial equipment.
  5. Basic computer experience utilizing e-mail, Excel spreadsheets, work order documents, and written reports as needed.
Selection Procedure:
Pima County Human Resources Department reserves the right to admit to the selection process only those candidates that meet the minimum/desired qualifications. All applications will be assessed based on an evaluation of the listed education and experience. Candidates meeting the minimum/desired qualifications may be further evaluated/scored against any advertised Preferred Qualifications. The hiring authority will interview and select the successful candidate from a referral list provided by Human Resources. Additional assessments/testing may be required as part of the selection process. Supplemental Information

Licenses and Certificates: Valid driver license is required at time of application. Valid AZ driver license is required at time of appointment. The successful applicant will be subject to a 39-month DOT Motor Vehicle Record review to determine the applicant's suitability to operate county vehicles in accordance with Pima County administrative procedures. This position requires a valid Arizona Class D drivers license at the time of application or prior to completion of initial/promotional probation. . Failure to do so will result in termination. Positions requiring CDL are also subject to applicable State of Arizona and federal standards, rules and regulations on physical requirements including drug and alcohol testing. Some positions may require acquiring and maintaining special certifications or access authorizations, e.g., Wastewater Operator; Backflow Device Inspection/Installation; law enforcement computer systems access, Federal Communications Commission and/or Federal Aviation Administration certifications, Hazardous Materials Responder, etc. Some positions must obtain and maintain certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) either as an ASE-Master Automobile Technician (A series) or ASE-Master Medium-Heavy truck Technician (T series). Failure to obtain and maintain required licenses, certifications or access shall be grounds for termination.

Special Notice Items: The County requires pre-employment background checks. Successful candidates will receive a post-offer, pre-employment background screening to include verification of work history, education, and criminal conviction history. A prior criminal conviction will not automatically disqualify a candidate from employment with the County. Your work environment will frequently involve extremes of heat, humidity, dust, and cold. Certain projects will require the extended use of hand tools such as a shovel, pick axe, digging bar, and rake. All employees must properly utilize all safety PPE clothing and equipment. Ascending and descending ladders and stairs to reach and work upon elevated or below-grade work platforms and job sites is sometimes necessary. You will be on-call and may be required to work weekends and holidays if emergencies occur.

Physical/Sensory Requirements: Physical and sensory abilities will be determined by position. Successful candidates offered employment with Pima County, including current employees who have applied for new positions, are required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to their scheduled start date. If you are unable to become fully vaccinated due to a medical disability or religious observance/practice, you must request an accommodation - accommodation forms are located online.