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3162 - Administrative Services - Specialist - County Attorney (Grants / Accounting)

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Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Position Description

This position is in the Criminal Litigation Division of the Pima County Attorney's Office. OPEN UNITL FILLED.

Salary Grade: P5

First Screening Date: July 2, 2021

Provides professional administrative support to managers and staff of specialized services within a division or department. Specialization may be in areas such as personnel, budget and research, payroll, accounting, information systems, graphics, statistical analysis, programming or user training or analytical support.

Please Note: All new hires (and promoted employees) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, within 30 days of hire. If you are unable to become fully vaccinated due to a medical disability or religious observance/practice, you must request an accommodation - accommodation forms are located on-line. For new hires (and promoted employees) hired after October 1, 2021, the applicant must have a full set of COVID-19 vaccines, by the effective date of hire.


(Work assignments may vary depending on the department's needs and will be communicated to the applicant or incumbent by the manager or director.)

Develops or assists in departmental, divisional and operational planning, direction and administration;
Coordinates division and unit efforts to achieve departmental goals;
Responds to public, management and staff inquiries, resolving potential problems and addressing pertinent issues;
Evaluates and determines specifications for departmental technical or specialty services;
Represents the department or work-unit on various local and state boards, commissions, committees and internal working groups to provide specialized expertise as required;
Researches, analyzes and prepares reports and recommendations for management consideration and informs management of issues, concerns and problems of specialized work units;
Ensures work unit policies, procedures and activities comply with applicable federal/state/county statutes, regulations, rules, policies and technical standards;
Conducts, or arranges coordination of, training of staff in assigned areas;
Oversees internal services such as accounting, payroll, personnel, management information systems, purchasing and other areas as assigned;
Interprets and applies county or departmental rules and policies and responds to questions or problems which require explanation;
Develops or participates in the development and implementation of policies and procedures;
Coordinates special projects;
Develops, collects, maintains and analyzes crime statistics, criminal case processing and other related data for creation of routine, recurring and special reports;
May supervise, train and evaluate assigned staff;
May be delegated signature authority for certain actions, forms, correspondence or processes.

In addition to the general duties cited above, assignments to a specialized area may include the following:

Perform and document confidential EEO investigations;
Conduct employee orientation meetings to familiarize new employees with the department;
Represent the department at job fairs, outreach activities and like events;
Serves as custodian of departmental personnel records, to include records of grievances, EEO investigations and related matters;
Administers intra-departmental personnel activities, in coordination with the County Human Resources Department.

Accounting/Budget & Research:
Participates in preparation and monitoring of unit or departmental budgets and monitors financial activities during the fiscal year;
Coordinates the preparation of grant applications and processing of grant agreements;
Reviews and approves payment of all demands, travel requests/claims, requisitions for supplies and petty cash claims;
Researches, develops and evaluates reports and studies affecting functions and operations and makes recommendations to management and/or performs statistical analysis of same;
Develops contracts for services and intergovernmental agreements;
Reviews, analyzes, balances and reconciles all accounting activities associated with funds and accounts to the Financial Management System revenue and expenditure data and bank account statements;
Compiles, summarizes and analyzes financial data concerning accounting transactions, expenditures and accounts receivable, and performs basic statistical analysis to determine trends, estimates and deviations;
Performs monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting to Federal, State and other agencies;
Acts as Custodian of Petty Cash accounts;
Develops various financial reports and projects using spreadsheets to include researching and analyzing historical data and researching/resolving problems;
Examines accounting source documentation and account entries for conformance to standard accounting principles, procedural directives and guidelines, and legal/budgetary restrictions and makes needed corrections and transfers of funds;
Recommends, develops, implements and maintains internal accounting controls;
Provides liaison with auditors and answers questions regarding departmental accounting policies, operations and procedures.

Acts as departmental coordinator for payroll, workers' compensation and benefits activities;
Prepares and processes departmental payroll, using an automated payroll system;
Interprets and applies federal and state law, workers' compensation and other county rules in order to process payroll and to respond to questions about same;
Acts as custodian of departmental medical, workers' compensation and benefits files;
Identifies necessary personnel actions and prepare appropriate personnel action forms.

Investigates, researches, documents and manages assigned cases;
Prepares and submit reports of investigative findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Develops training programs, including class curricula, materials and training aids and trains staff and users;
Writes or revises training manuals and procedures;
Trains new users in system configuration and use of selected software programs;
Conducts department certification and training relating to the security, use and dissemination of criminal history record information;
Develops, implements and delivers training to both employees and appropriate outside agencies in order to comply with and maintain currency on new or changed programs, policies and procedures;
Conducts training needs assessments to identify training needs, and coordinates provision of needed training;
May coordinate specialized employee, supervisory and management training with the County Training Officer in Human Resources.

Analyze, design, test and maintain specific application systems;
Meets with end users to determine specific requirements for computer programs and systems to identify and clarify the need for reports, products, technical support, training or other computer related services;
Establishes and maintains appropriate system/program security measures;
May serve as lead programmer or programmer/analyst to professional and paraprofessional legal staff for projects associated with a law office.


Knowledge of:

  • principles and practices of public administration;
  • principles and practices of effective training and supervision;
  • applications, operating principles and capabilities of computer software;
  • principles and techniques of file organization, word processing or data processing;
  • problem-solving techniques, flow charting and structured programming;
  • contracts and grants administration;
  • county and departmental policies, rules and procedures relevant to area of assignment;
  • research and analysis techniques.
Skill in:
  • performing specialized administrative services;
  • communicating effectively;
  • preparing and writing documents;
  • evaluating, identifying and resolving problems of functional and operational procedures;
  • administering projects;
  • conducting formal, informal or confidential studies and investigations;
  • preparing, administering and monitoring contracts;
  • selecting, training, supervising and evaluating employees.
Minimum Qualifications

(1) A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in business, public administration, management, management information systems or a closely related field as defined by the appointing authority.
(Relevant professional experience and/or education from an accredited college or university may be substituted.)
(Relevant paraprofessional experience may be substituted on a two-to-one basis.)
(2) Three years of experience with Pima County as an Administrative Services Support-County Attorney.

Qualifying education and experience must be clearly documented in the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of the application. Do not substitute a resume for your application or write "see resume" on your application.

Preferred Qualifications:

(Be specific in describing your experience in your application. Ensure the descriptions provided illustrate your competencies, specifically addressing the required and preferred qualifications.):

  1. Bachelors degree or higher in Accounting, Finance or closely related field.
  2. A minimum of one (1) year experience developing and producing financial reports, researching, analyzing, interpreting, reconciling, and auditing financial and budgetary data.
  3. A minimum of six (6) months experience with cash management, accounts receivable and/or accounts payable.
  4. A minimum of six (6) months experience with grants and/or contracts, governmental accounting and compliance requirements.
  5. Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office tools (with particular emphasis on using Microsoft Excel advanced functions).

Selection Procedure:
Pima County Human Resources Department reserves the right to admit to the selection process only those candidates that meet the minimum/desired qualifications. All applications will be assessed based on an evaluation of the listed education and experience. Candidates meeting the minimum/desired qualifications may be further evaluated/scored against any advertised Preferred Qualifications. The hiring authority will interview and select the successful candidate from a referral list provided by Human Resources. Additional assessments/testing may be required as part of the selection process.
Supplemental Information

Licenses and Certificates: Valid driver license is required at time of application. Valid AZ driver license is required at time of appointment. The successful applicant will be subject to a 39-month DOT Motor Vehicle Record review to determine applicants suitability to operate county vehicles in accordance with Pima County administrative procedures. Failure to obtain and maintain the required licenses and certifications shall be grounds for termination. Any offer of employment resulting from this recruitment is contingent upon Fleet Services review and approval of the candidates driving record.

Special Notice Items: All positions require the successful completion of a background investigation due to the need for access to detention, corrections and/or law enforcement facilities or associated confidential information, documents and materials.

Physical/Sensory Requirements: Physical and sensory abilities will be determined by position. Please Note: All new hires (and promoted employees) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, within 30 days of hire. If you are unable to become fully vaccinated due to a medical disability or religious observance/practice, you must request an accommodation - accommodation forms are located on-line. For new hires (and promoted employees) hired after October 1, 2021, the applicant must have a full set of COVID-19 vaccines, by the effective date of hire.