Honeywell International, Inc.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Advanced Systems Engineer

Posted 9 days ago

Job Description

Advanced Systems Engineer

for Honeywell International, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ). Prfrm cstmr flow dwn reqs dcmpstn & analysis of SW, HW, pltfrms & systms reqs. Reqs Bach dgree or frgn equiv in Elctrncs Eng, or a rel fld, + 7 yrs of exp in any occu in whch the req exp was gained. Fll trm of exp mst inclde: Systm Eng, Reqs Mngmnt, Flght Mngmnt Systm, Prjct plnnng & Cntrl, Test Eng, Systm Vrfctn & Vldtn, Cstmr Intrctn & Spprt & Prvn analytcl sklls. Mst pssess 5 yrs of exp in the fllwng: Reqs Analysis & spec, Avioncs Test Equpmnt Dsgn, Systm Intgrtn & Test, V&V prcsses & ovrll Avioncs Systms Eng. 5% int trvl req. Tlcmmtng prmttd up to 2x/wk. If offd emplymnt mst hve lgl rght to wrk in U.S. EOE. To apply for this role visit: Reference code: req 451542