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Clinical Lab instructor

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Job Description


As a Clinical/Lab Instructor and faculty member of an Extended Campus (University of St. Thomas), the primary responsibility is the implementation of the academic programs. Nursing Instructors are assigned teaching responsibilities in a clinical or lab course and are expected to contribute to achievement of the missions of teaching, research, and service. This is a Monday-Friday, full time, 12-month position serving students in an Accelerated BSN program from our site in Shenendoah, TX, The Woodlands.


* Facilitate effective student learning in the appropriate clinical/lab setting and via the online learning environment.
* Provide adequate guidance for students in the clinical/lab setting related to professionalism, practice, and research.

* Ensure effective evaluations of student practice.

* Provide a supportive learning environment.

* Provide feedback about the teaching/learning process to Course Coordinators when designated by administrators.

* Provide feedback on progress to DNS and ABSN Director.

* Contribute to Academic Program

* Participate in the development and progress of the academic programs by contributing to the development of curriculum, teaching materials, and evaluation measures.
* Collaborate with the DNS and complete assignments as requested.

* Collaborate effectively with the Healthcare Partner and its staff.

* Maintain and Teach Nursing Knowledge
* Maintain current knowledge of the extended campuses Nursing curriculum, policies, and requirements.

* Maintains clinical competence and knowledge in area of expertise.


* Clinical Competence: Able to function with professional accountability in clinical settings.

* Teaching Competence: Able to create a climate conducive to positive student learning.

* Technology Competence: Able to use computer technology (Word, Power Point, E-mail, Internet) at a minimum

* Recognize the importance of distance education and be willing to facilitate distance education.

* Must provide a high level of professional nursing care to patients and clients.

* Function as a role model for professional nursing and communicate this role to students.

* Maintain knowledge of health needs of own community and its healthcare services.
* Ability to accept shared responsibility for the planning and implementation of assigned courses, program planning activities, and other needs of the academic programs.

* Ability to provide a supportive learning environment for students.
* Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, staff, students, agency personnel, and others as necessary in providing public service.

* Demonstrate commitment to continued professional learning.


* Practice: Evidence of a minimum of two years of successful professional nursing practice.

* Teaching Experience: Evidence of a minimum two years of teaching experience (preferred).

Education and Certifications

* Master's degree in nursing is required as well as TX Nursing unencumbered license

* Additional ongoing certifications and training desired

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