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Clinical Lab Instructor

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Job Description

As a Clinical/Lab Instructor and faculty member of an Extended Campus, the primary responsibility is the implementation of the academic programs. Nursing Instructors are assigned teaching responsibilities in a clinical or lab course and are expected to contribute to achievement of the missions of teaching, research, and service. Faculty is accountable to the Director of Nursing Services (DNS) and Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Academic Partner: Concordia University Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Schedule: Full time, 12 month position, Mon-Fri, standard business hours, benefits eligible

Clinical areas: Med Surg, Community Health, Pediatrics, OB/GYN

Location: 2 locations available: 1. 11703 NE Glenn Widing Drive 2. 9600 SW Barnes Road


* Facilitate effective student learning in the appropriate clinical/lab setting and via the online learning environment.
* Provide adequate guidance for students in the clinical/lab setting related to professionalism, practice, and research.

* Ensure effective evaluations of student practice.

* Provide a supportive learning environment.

* Provide feedback about the teaching/learning process to Course Coordinators when designated by administrators.

* Provide feedback on progress to DNS and ABSN Director.

* Contribute to Academic Program

* Participate in the development and progress of the academic programs by contributing to the development of curriculum, teaching materials, and evaluation measures.
* Collaborate with the DNS and complete assignments as requested.

* Collaborate effectively with the Healthcare Partner and its staff.

* Maintain and Teach Nursing Knowledge
* Maintain current knowledge of the extended campuses Nursing curriculum, policies, and requirements.

* Maintains clinical competence and knowledge in area of expertise.


* Clinical Competence: Able to function with professional accountability in clinical settings.

* Teaching Competence: Able to create a climate conducive to positive student learning.

* Technology Competence: Able to use computer technology (Word, Power Point, E-mail, Internet) at a minimum

* Recognize the importance of distance education and be willing to facilitate distance education.

* Must provide a high level of professional nursing care to patients and clients.

* Function as a role model for professional nursing and communicate this role to students.

* Maintain knowledge of health needs of own community and its healthcare services.
* Ability to accept shared responsibility for the planning and implementation of assigned courses, program planning activities, and other needs of the academic programs.

* Ability to provide a supportive learning environment for students.
* Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, staff, students, agency personnel, and others as necessary in providing public service.

* Demonstrate commitment to continued professional learning.


* Practice: Evidence of a minimum of two years of successful professional nursing practice.

* Teaching Experience: Evidence of a minimum two years of teaching experience (preferred).

Education and Certifications

* Master's degree in nursing is desired or currently enrolled in a Masters program.

* Additional ongoing certifications and training desired.

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