Honeywell International, Inc.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Controllership Manager, ESG Processes and Controls

Posted 9 days ago

Job Description

Controllership Manager, ESG Processes and Controls for Honeywell International, Inc. (Charlotte, NC). Lead the estblshmnt of the ESG gvrnnce strctre, rprtng plcy & intrnl cntrls frmwrk. Reqs Mast dgree or frgn equiv in Mngmnt, Accuntng, Ecnmcs, Finnce, Bsnss, or a rel fld, + 1 yr of exp in wrkng in a lrge entrprse envrnmnt or pblc accuntng firm in a gvrnnce, cmpliance, intrnl cntrls, or sstainablty rltd fnctn. Fll trm of exp mst inclde: undrstndng of gnrl SOX cncpts & the role of intrnl cntrls; undrstndng of the COSO frmwrk & bsnss prcss cntrls; prjct mngmnt sklls; exp wrkng in crss-fnctnl teams incldng intrnl & extrnl stkhldrs; & exp in dvlpng plcies, dsgnng SOX cntrls & estblshng cntrl envrnmnt. Tlcmmtng prmttd up to 2x/wk. If offd emplymnt mst hve lgl rght to wrk in U.S. EOE. To apply for this role visit: Reference code: req 451868