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Director - Diocesan Youth Sports, (part time)

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Job Description

Diocese of Tucson
Scope of Work
Job Title: Diocesan Youth Sports Director Exemption Status: Independent Contractor
Department/Location: Diocese of Tucson Department of Catholic Schools
Diocesan Youth Sports Director(s) Responsibilities:
The Diocesan Youth Sports Director(s) is an individual who is responsible for the coordination and oversight of the Diocesan Youth Sports League at the elementary school level. This individual is directly responsible to the Superintendent (or designee) and Diocesan Elementary School Principals who form the Sports Committee. As a participant and supporter of the Diocesan Youth Sports League, they conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values and teachings of the Catholic Christian faith and will follow the rules and procedures outlined in the Diocesan Youth Sports Handbook. The responsibilities of the Diocesan Youth Sports Director(s) include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Planning and conducting meetings with the Diocesan Sports Committee, School Athletic Directors, and coaches for the purpose of reviewing sport seasons, calendaring of events, clarifying rules and procedures, and discussing needs for the current sports season.
  • Inform Principals and Assistant Superintendent of any issues of concern within the program including those regarding Athletic Directors, coaches, parents, and athletes.**
**ADs and coaches are employees of the school, therefore any issues which may occur will be directed to the respective school principal by formal documentation who will then deal with it as a personnel issue.
  • Oversee all Athletic Directors in the implementation and enforcement of all rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Diocesan Sports League.
  • Making all calendars, schedules, brackets, etc. prior to the sports season for regular season and tournament play.
  • Securing a location for weekend basketball games and tournaments.
  • Advising the Sports Committee on protocol and procedure in the day-to-day proceedings of the Sports League and any situations that may arise.
  • Supervising and/or making provision for the supervision of all games and track meets held at high schools within our diocese.
  • Interpreting all rules and regulations concerning any sport.
  • Assigning all varsity officials for varsity basketball and volleyball games.
  • Paying and reconciling all officials for varsity basketball and volleyball games.
  • Reconciling all accounts receivable and payable with the Dept. of Catholic Schools Executive Assistant.
  • Compiling and distributing a list of contact persons/ADs for all schools.
  • Submitting a proposed annual budget for review by the Diocesan Sports Committee and the Superintendents Office.
  • Communicating with the Superintendents Office, Diocesan Sports Committee and school Athletic Directors and coaches consistently using all modes of communication as necessary prior to, during, and after each sports season.
  • Purchasing supplies for the operation of the Diocesan Youth Sports League, including equipment, trophies, etc.
  • Scheduling concession stand assignments for tournaments and track meets.
  • Conducting any necessary trainings.
Physical/Mental Requirements: Requires coordination and manual dexterity, normal mental and visual ability; ability to lift as required in a normal athletic environment
Required Activities: Walking, sitting standing, stooping, reaching, talking, handling, hearing, carrying, and keyboarding
Basic Qualifications
  • A working knowledge of and a strong commitment to the mission of fostering lay leadership in the Catholic Church. If a baptized Catholic, must be a practicing Roman Catholic in full communion with the Church
  • Excellent communications skills including written, verbal, public speaking, and presentation skills
  • Excellent human relations and interpersonal skills; must be a self-starter and be well-organized; must be a team player
  • Be available for evening and weekend work as necessary; have reliable transportation
  • Be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Proficiency in the use of computer technology including word processing and the use of excel and related technology; ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Flexibility in assessing needs and strategies and adapt appropriately in a ministerial environment
  • The ability to successfully complete a criminal history and background check
  • Professional bearing and clean and neat personal appearance
Education and Experience
  • A BA in Physical Education or equivalent experience,
Other Skills
  • Certification by the State of Arizona as a Teacher preferred
Covenants of Employment:
The Diocese of Tucson is a Roman Catholic religious organization and that all employees are expected to respect and conduct themselves in accordance with the values, teachings and morals of the Roman Catholic Church and by Arizona state law. Under the "Zero Tolerance Policy", no one will be knowingly assigned or retained to serve in the Parish/Church/School when that person is determined to have engaged in the abuse of a minor or to have violated boundaries in dealing with minors.


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