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Director of Home Healthcare

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Job Description

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The Home Health Services Director is a registered professional nurse who is approved by the Board of Directors at the recommendation of the Administrator to organize and direct the Agency's clinical service programs.

  • Oversees the clinical operations of the Agency
  • Supervises all clinical staff
  • Monitors the patient census of the Agency and assigns caseloads to all clinical staff
  • Maintains a caseload to help support the needs of the Agency
  • Oversees the implementation and evaluation of patient care services
  • Leads regular care team meetings and completes documentation per policy
  • Performs ride-along visits with clinical staff as needed per policy
  • Assists the Administrator in planning the overall development and administration of the Agency as outlined in the policies and procedures
  • Participates in the development of administrative policies and procedures relating to the Agency
  • Directs implementation of approved work methods and procedures that reflect elements essential to rendering high-quality care
  • Participates in and helps prepare the Agency for any State, Federal and accrediting agency survey visits/reviews
  • Reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of the total Agency program
  • Able to utilize the OASIS OBQI/OBQM data reports to quantify Agency's homecare performance against the national norms and recommends to the Administrator methodology to change outcomes and improve OBQI scores
  • Extensive knowledge of OASIS, with hands-on experience, and able to prepare and educate staff
  • Ensures implementation of Agency continuing education program
  • Participates in PAC meetings; aggregates record review summaries for PAC meetings and assists the Administrator in planning/conducting annual PAC requirements
  • Assists Administrator with regular QAPI meetings and assures the goals of QAPI are met
  • Knowledgeable on home health documentation standards
  • Comfortable with using an Electronic Medical Record
  • Assists the Administrator in collecting data for Annual Agency Evaluation/Annual report
  • Recognizes leadership potential/offers opportunities for leadership training/development
  • Manages the clinical departmental budget seeking supplemental before exceeding the budgetary requirement
  • Establishes mutual goal setting and achievement of standards
  • Evaluates own job performance and utilization of resources in planning for professional growth.
  • Receives and acts to resolve complaints subject to the Agency's grievance procedure in the capacity of "next higher-level authority." Apprises Administrator of potential legal risks
  • Participates in the hiring and employee termination process with support from HR
  • Projects a concerned, professional attitude and develops a positive rapport with all staff
  • Develops an open, positive rapport with community resources affiliated with the agency
  • Maintain high visibility and availability while in the office
  • Participates in local organizations and activities related to home health care
  • Participates in state and national organizations, meetings, seminars, workshops, and activities Accommodates state/accreditation surveyor/staff during site visits
  • Other duties as assigned

  • Registered Nurse (licensed by the Arizona Board of Nursing according to A.R.S. Title 32, Chapter 15)
  • BSN or MSN
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Three years of nursing experience, including at least 24 months of experience as a registered nurse providing home health services.
  • Two years in a management capacity involving significant interaction with people and organizations with diverse and varied interests and backgrounds.
  • Bilingual in English/Spanish (preferred but not required)

Computer Skills: MHS, MS, Internet, Outlook; EMR experience

Licenses, Certification, etc.: Register Professional Nurse

  • Follows all policies, procedures and protocols
  • Must maintain a great deal of confidentiality and integrity
  • Maintain satisfactory punctuality and attendance as set on the work schedule.
  • Must be a collaborator and work as a team

Alternative work hours (Between 5:00p.m.-8:00a.m.)

Working on a computer 4- 6 hours a day

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing.

Home Health Services Director

Registered Professional Nurse

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