Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Fire Engineer

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Job Description




Under general to limited supervision, responds to emergency calls, including fires, accidents, medical emergencies, and/or rescue situations to protect life and property; operates apparatus and equipment needed for such responses. This job class is treated as FLSA non-exempt.

Essential Functions : (Essential functions, may vary among positions, but may include the following tasks, knowledge, abilities, skills, and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not intended to be comprehensive listing of tasks performed by all positions in this classification).

Examples of Tasks

1. Responds to alarms as a member of a firefighting company; drives fire engines, ladder trucks or other specialized fire apparatus, positions fire trucks at fire or accident scene to provide the most expeditious access; operates pumps at fires, regulates water pressure through hose lines.

2. Performs the duties of firefighter when not operating pump; lays and connects hoses, directs water streams, raises and climbs ladders, uses chemical extinguishers and other equipment at fire scenes; operates aerial platform and ground ladders; may be required to perform as a member of an Immediate Rapid Intervention Crew (IRIC) on emergency scenes.

3. Protects citizen's property; performs salvage operations to minimize property damage; provides emergency medical technician level assistance at injury and accident scene involving basic life support and paramedic support functions.

4. Provides operational level assistance at natural disasters and domestic terrorism events; prepares and maintains records, logs and reports regarding alarms, inspections, medical emergencies, and fire prevention activities.

5. Inspects vehicles, equipment and apparatus for function and appearance; performs maintenance and minor repairs; identifies the need for major repairs; maintains records of maintenance and repairs. Operates all necessary equipment including computer terminals, power tools, hand tools, and fire apparatus.

6. Participates in drills and classes pertaining to medical services, fire suppression, rescue, street locations, hydraulics, and fire inspection; participates in public education and community relation activities including school visits and fire station tours; participates in fire prevention inspections and enforces related fire codes.

7. Performs other job related duties as assigned to enhance and facilitate the operations of the Fire Department.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics :
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures of modern firefighting.
  • Knowledge of the purposes, operation, and maintenance of firefighting vehicles, equipment, and apparatus.
  • Knowledge of the principles of hydraulics and their application to the operation of fire apparatus.
  • Knowledge of the principles of mechanics and mathematics as related to Fire Engineer duties.
  • Knowledge of Fire prevention principles and practices; Uniform Fire Code; Uniform Building Code.
  • Knowledge of department policies, rules and instructions for firefighting and rescue activities.
  • Knowledge of extrication and the use of extrication tools.
  • Knowledge of the geographical layout of the Community, automatic response areas, street names, locations and numbers of hydrants.
  • Knowledge of Emergency Medical Technician, basic life support, and paramedic support procedures.
  • Knowledge of First responder hazardous materials and decontamination procedures.
  • Knowledge of Computerized data entry and retrieval systems.
  • Knowledge of swift water and trench rescue techniques.

  • Ability to drive and operate the full range of fire apparatus and equipment used by the department in a safe and effective manner.

  • Ability to operate heavy motorized equipment at maximum operating efficiency consistent with safety and mechanical limitations.
  • Ability to perform field calculations of hydraulics for the operation of equipment at emergency scenes.
  • Ability to apply firefighting techniques and procedures and operate firefighting and rescue equipment.
  • Ability to quickly analyze situations and adapt effective courses of action within areas of responsibility.
  • Ability to demonstrate physical endurance, agility, strength and stamina under emergency conditions.
  • Ability to deal with people under stressful situations.
  • Ability to select and use appropriate equipment and apparatus for emergency situations
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written directions promptly and accurately.
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Experience : Graduation from high school or GED equivalent. Must have a State of Arizona EMT or Paramedic certification, an Arizona State Firefighter I & II certification, three (3) or more consecutive years of operational firefighting experience, completion of Fire Apparatus and Fire Hydraulics courses from a regionally accredited college or university, and successful completion of the Driver Operator Task Book.

  • Applicants must pass each component of the SRPMIC Fire Assessment process to be considered for hire with the SRPMIC Fire Department. Failure to pass any of the components will be considered an automatic disqualifier.
  • The Written Assessment must be passed with a score of 70% or better
  • The Practical Aerial Exercise must be passed with a score of 70% or better.
  • The Practical Driving Exercise must be passed with a score of 70% or better.
  • The Practical Pumping Hydraulics Assessment must be passed with a score of 70% or better.

  • Equivalency - Any equivalent combination of experience and education that will allow the applicant to satisfactorily perform the duties of the job may be considered when filling the position.

    Underfill Eligibility: An enrolled Community Member whom closely qualifies for the minimum qualifications for a position may be considered for employment under SRPMIC Policy 2-19, Underfill.

    Special Requirements

    Employees in, and applicants applying for, jobs providing director services to children are subject to children are subject to the "Community Code of Ordinances, Chapter 11, "Minors", Article X. "Investigation of Persons Working With Children".
    • Must possess and maintain a valid Arizona Driver's License.

    Prior to hire as an employee, applicants will be subject to drug and alcohol testing. Will be required to pass a pre-employment background/fingerprint check. Employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

    "SRPMIC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer" Preference will be given to a qualified : Community Member Veteran, Community Member, Spouse of Community Member, qualified Native American, and then other qualified candidate.

    In order to obtain preference, the following is required: 1) Qualified Community Member Veteran (DD-214) will be required at the time of application submission 2) Qualified Community Member (must provide Tribal I.D at time of application submission),3) Spouse of a Community Member (Marriage License/certificate and spouse Tribal ID or CIB is required at time of application submission), and 4) Native American (Tribal ID or CIB required at time of application submission).

    Documents may be submitted by one of the following methods:

    1) attach to application

    2) fax (480) 362-5860

    3) mail or hand deliver to Human Resources.

    Documentation must be received by position closing date.

    The IHS/BIA Form-4432 is not accepted .

    Your Tribal ID/CIB must be submitted to HR-Recruitment-Two Waters.

    Sorry, this job has expired.