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Full Stack Java Developer - New Sep 2020

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Job Description

We have a need for 5 Sr. Java Full Stack Engineers 12+ years experience Java Full Stack Developer 80 coding - non blocking, multi threading, microservices, cloud, high performance 20 design and architecture NDITI (New Digital IT) is a Systems Integrator delivering projects to our customers in the Bay Area. We are looking to seed a Full Stack Java Software Engineer for a large application. There is already a team in place and we are looking to bring in a Technical Lead who can shape the team. You will be working with a diverse, smart and fantastic team in a environment that has great work life balance. Folks who are passionate about technology and capable of doing full stack development and be enthusiastic to take on new problems as we continue to build platforms and solutions. Looking for developers who take accountability and can lead junior developers and manage the development lifecycle from planning and prioritizing to testing and release. Software Stack Java Spring Camel based web services, Caching, Redis, ElasticSearch, Kafka (Nice to have nodejs but not needed for this role) Write non blocking, multi threading, microservices, cloud, high performance CODE Work experience as a Java Full Stack Developer Lead Experience designing, building and testing Java EE applications In-depth knowledge of popular frameworks like Spring, Camel, Hystrix Competence in SQL as well as noSQL databases Competent in distributed systems design and implementation Experience with Object-Oriented Design and test driven development Strong problem solving technical issues resolution skills (algorithmic, best practices, efficient coding, performance, error handling) Good delegation and time management skills Problem-solving abilities Technical Areas Write non blocking, multi threading, microservices, cloud, high performance CODE Backend Java Dev Approach writing an interception in the http requestresponse pipeline Models of using JMS queues Acknowledgements handled or what are performance considerations to build apps. Synchronization facilities that are needed when one works in distributed computing platform Capabilities come with Java Atomic objects, CountDownLatches, Semaphore, Mutexes. Promises (coming from Javascript world) and describe Future, CompletableFuture, reactive streams etc.

Sorry, this job has expired.