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Jackson, MS

Graduate Nurse (RN) - December 2020

Posted over 1 month ago

Job Description

Under the supervision and/or direction of a registered nurse, assists in the treatment and care of patients. Graduate of an accredited nursing school pending successful completion of registered nurse licensure. Current CPR.

* Ideally, the Graduate RN should pass their NCLEX prior to the January 2021 Nurse Fellowship Orientation on Monday, January 4, 2021. However, at a minimum, Graduate RN will need to secure and present proof of an Authorization To Test (ATT) Date for the NCLEX before start of employment, and the date will need to be early enough to receive results before the first two weeks of employment expires.

Graduate RNs will also be required to turn in a copy of their diploma once received from the college/university. All graduates should be prepared to begin orientation together beginning January 2021 as determined by the Organizational Development & Training Department calendar. (Internal Nurse Techs will be required to go through General Orientation as well.)

Areas open for December 2020 Graduate Nurses:

***Please note that each area has a limited number of positions available.

  • 2 South Cardiology 7p to 7a Nights (1 position)
  • 2 North Cardiology 7p to 7a (1 position)
  • 3 South Post Op 7p to 7a (1 position)
  • 3 East Renal/Urology 7p to 7a (1 position)
  • 4 South Neuro 7a to 7p (3 positions)
  • 4 South Neuro 7p to 7a (3 positions)
  • 4 East Neuro 7p to 7a (1 Position)
  • 5 North Oncology 7p - 7a (1 position)
  • 6 North Medical Surgical 7p to 7a (1 position)
  • 6 East Infectious Disease 7a to 7p (4 positions)
  • 6 East Infectious Disease 7p to 7a (4 positions)

About St. Dominics:

St. Dominics is a 535-bed acute care hospital specializing in cancer treatment, womens services, surgery, behavioral health programs and more. We believe that when you join St. Dominics as an employee, you join the St. Dominics family. Each employee is a valued member of the total care team whose ministry of Christian healing serves the individual needs of our patients. Its the commitment of our employees that makes St. Dominics one of the leading healthcare providers in the southeast.

Sorry, this job has expired.