Siemens Energy, Inc.

Houston, TX, United States

Lead Engineering and Piping Layout Manager

Posted over 1 month ago

Job Description

Lead Engineering and Piping Layout Manager for Siemens Energy, Inc. (Houston, TX). Head resp of self-cmptnce for mdlr prdcts dsgn, bndlng & intgrtn. Req. Bach in Mech Eng or a rel fld (or frgn equiv) + 8 yrs of exp in the job offrd or an acc alt occu. Mst hve 5 yrs of exp w/ the fllwng sklls: exp dsgnng mdlr & stck-built equpmnt lyouts of onshre & offshre ntrl gas prcssng & lqufctn fclties, incldng the dsgn prtclrties of the main lcnsr-bsd lqefctn tchnlgies (Limum®, IPSMR®, AP-SMR® at mnmm); exp dsgnng prcss & utlty ppng, strctrl systms & sttc equpmnt for onshre & offshre ntrl gas lqufctn fclties, incldng the dsgn prtclrties of hghly cngstd systms hndlng hzrdous crygnc fluids; exp dsgnng Orgnl Equpmnt Mnfctrer (OEM) mdlr prdcts for mid-scle ntrl gas lqufctn apps; exp spcfyng, slctng, cstmzng, pckgng & intgrtng trbmchnry, auxliary systms, E-Drves, C&I & spprt systms spcfclly for ntrl gas prcssng & mid-scle lqufctn srvces; knwldge of the oprtn of OEM tools for slctn, smltn & cnfgrtn of hydrcrbn cntrfgl cmprssrs, hydrcrbn rcprctng cmprssrs, gas trbnes, & pckgng; in-dpth knwldge of tchncl specs, stndrds, instrctns & prcsses for prcss sfty, trbmchnry, C&I, lyout, ppng, sttc equpmnt, strctrl & elctrcl systms for ntrl gas prcssng apps cmmn to a lrge glbl OEM engnrng envrnmnt; knwldge evluatng dsgn feasblty of mdlr prdcts w/ cnsdrtn to the mnfctrng cpblties, prcdres & lgstcs of lrge OEM fctries & fbrctn yrds, whch req exp w/ glbl fbrctn & lgstcs envrnmnts of lrge OEM cmpnies that oprte in the md-scle lqufctn mrkt; exp w/ stndrd prjct trckng & rprtng in an OEM envrnmnt, whch req knwldge of mngmnt prcsses typcl to OEM cmpnies; exp w/ the usge of thrd-prty cmpnnts in an OEM’s dsgn, as well as Apprvd Vndr List (AVL) inclsn prcdres, whch req knwldge of spply chain prcsses typcl to lrge OEM cmpnies; knwldge of oprtnl sfty reqs applied to OEM prdcts, whch req knwldge of Envrnmntl Hlth & Sfty (EHS) regs cmmn to lrge OEM cmpnies; & knwldge of OEM prcsses & tools for assssng dsgn optns bsd on cost. *Empl wll accpt pre-Bach exp. Approx 30% trvl req. As fed cntrctr, Siemens Enrgy cntn to mntr fed & stte lgl gdlns re COVID-19 vccne mndte. Siemens Enrgy is pausng mndtry vccne plcy whle addrssd bycourts. SEI wll mntr the stuatn clsly & may reimplmnt its plcy if req to cmply w/ fed law. Should vccne plcy be reimplmntd, this pstn req ees to be flly vccntd agnst COVID-19 unlss grntd a med or relgious accmmdtn. Mail rsms Michael Kellermann, Siemens Energy, Inc, 4400 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32826. Ref MK/LB. Must be authrzed to wrk in US prmnntly.

Sorry, this job has expired.