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Math Teacher-Toltecalli HS

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Job Description

Toltecalli HS SY23-24

Position: English Language Arts Teacher Location: CPLC Community Schools, Tucson Area Employment Type: Full-time

At CPLC Community Schools, we are dedicated to providing high school students in low-income communities with a culturally-relevant learning environment that caters to their individual needs. Our vision is to nurture and develop the future leaders of our community by increasing educational achievement, graduation rates, civic participation, and college entrance and graduation.


• Ability to provide quality instruction pertinent to the subject area

• Extensive knowledge of cooperative learning strategies, differentiation, small group instruction, knowledge of developing formative and summative assessments to inform instruction

• Ability to incorporate research-proven teaching strategies into daily lesson delivery

• Be familiar with the AZ State Standards of Mathematics

• Ability to integrate reading and writing into the Mathemattics curriculum

• Experience working with diverse populations

• Ability to maintain a positive attitude and build positive and appropriate relationships with students


• Bachelor or Masters degree in education or content area

• Comprehensive knowledge of AZ Mathematics State Standards

• Must possess a valid Class 1 or Class 2 Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety

• Willingness to collaborate with colleagues in planning for academic improvement in academic areas other than your own, as needed

• Deep understanding of Math concepts and inquiry-based instruction

• Willingness to teach multiple grades and subject levels

• Willingness to differentiate instruction

• Willingness to oversee/ advise extracurricular activities (student clubs, intramural sports, music instruction, etc.)

• Willingness to work with students before or after school to support their academic growth

• Experience utilizing community experts and community resources to enhance content instruction preferred

• Experience building student and parent relationships to improve student achievement

• Experience working with an underserved student population

Math teacher

Mathematics instructor


Classroom management

Lesson planning

Curriculum development

Instructional materials

Differentiated instruction

Mathematics standards

Student assessment

Problem-solving skills

Mathematical concepts






STEM education

Technology integration

Student engagement

Classroom activities

Cooperative learning

Teaching methodologies


Effective communication

Analytical thinking

Critical thinking

Classroom discipline

Student progress tracking

Parent-teacher collaboration

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