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Medical Technologist

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Job Description

Licensed Clinical Laboratory Technologist:

Reports to: Laboratory Supervisor

Position Summary:

To perform established clinical laboratory tests and procedures under the supervision of the Laboratory Manager and /or Supervisor. May report and release test results to assist physicians in diagnosis and treatment of Disease Duties also include blood collection, clerical tasks, answering telephone inquiries, using data processing equipment, instrument troubleshooting and all other relevant duties as required in the assigned section.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect blood by venipuncture or finger stick from patients as assigned.
  • Maintain permanent records of tests, standards, controls, results, dates and patients name, for reference and quality control or method comparison/validation purposes. Document anything unusual in these categories.
  • Process patient testing after successful quality control run.
  • Perform instrument maintenance and troubleshooting as specified in section procedure manuals.
  • Document instrument function checks, problems, and solutions.
  • Follow established procedures to perform routine and special testing.
  • Check that an adequate supply of materials is available at all times. Notify the laboratory manager and supervisor or lead technologist when supply run low.
  • Check instruments for proper functioning and calibration.
  • Promote good public relations through productive, courteous and professional interaction with colleagues, patients, physicians, nurses.
  • Report pertinent information to laboratory leadership.
  • Inform the laboratory leadership of any unusual or unexpected results after repeating the analysis to confirm their validity.
  • Rerun and validate all panic/critical values for accuracy.
  • Investigate any results that failed Delta Check. Review patient history before releasing results.
  • Perform routine testing as required.
  • Document remedial actions when necessary.
  • Maintain a neat, organize and efficient work area, by disinfect and decontaminate the work bench before and after work.
  • Perform Parallel Testing of new lots.
  • Perform Instrument Correlations every six months.
  • Perform Carryover Study to ensure all instrument pipettes are functioning correctly no carryover.
  • Participate in Proficiency Testing.
  • Check pending and make sure all specimen are accounted form.
  • Check pending in the morning before start working.
  • Inform supervisor or lead technologist for any pending test or unresolved issues in the laboratory.
  • Follow laboratory schedule and adhere to lunch and break time policy.
  • Participate in laboratory improvement projects as required.
  • Use standard PPEs as required while working with blood and body fluids.
  • Run controls and calibration as scheduled.
  • Follow established procedures to perform routine and special testing.
  • Assist laboratory leadership during inspection.
  • Assist laboratory supervisor in validation of new lot of quality controls and reagents.
  • Ability to make decisions when supervisor is not present.

Position Requirement:

  • Bachelor in Science required
  • Working knowledge of PC applications required.
  • Previous related experience preferred.
  • Strong communication skills, preferred.
  • NYS Clinical Lab Technologist License required.
  • Ability to multi-task and able to work under pressure, required.
  • Work in an area of high noise level
  • Ability to run and troubleshoot instruments
  • Must attend training and in-service
  • Able to perform as assigned.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Ability to train new hire.

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to sit, stand, walk and perform repetitive motion (keyboard)
  • Proficient visual and audio skills
  • May include lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling objects

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