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Occupational Therapist

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Job Description

On Call

Work Location: Phoenix, AZ

Salary Grade: DOE


An Occupational Therapist (OT) provides professional services within the scope of occupational therapy practice standards in collaboration with primary care physicians and other members of the health care team and teaches and educates patients and their families. OT in the home is performed under the supervision of the Director of Home Health Services.


An individual who:
?Graduated after successful completion of an OT education Program accredited by the Accreditation Council for OT Education (ACOTE) of the American OT Association (AOTA) or successor organizations and is eligible to take or has successfully completed the entry level certification exam for OTs from the NBCOT.
?A current and active AZ license to practice OT.
?Will have a minimum of two (2) year experience as an OT, preferably in a homecare setting.
?Criminal check & Current CPR/First Aid card.
?If educated outside of the United States must meet both of the following:
* Graduated after successful completion of an OT education program accredited as substantially equivalent to OT entry level education in the US by one of the following: Accreditation Council for OT Education (ACOTE), successor organizations of ACOTE, the World Federation of OTs, a credentialing body approved by the American OT Association, successfully completed the entry level certification exam for OTs developed & administered by the National Board for Certification in OCC Therapy (NBCOT).
?On or before December 31, 2009, is licensed or otherwise regulated, if applicable, as an OT by the state in which practicing.
?Bilingual (English and Spanish) Required


* Receives intake referral information and prepares OT paperwork/tools necessary for the visit.
* Continuing OASIS data sets.
* Obtains pertinent medical history from patient, family or significant others.
* Performs home safety check and environmental assessment of the patients home environment.
* Performs OT evaluation or skilled visit and documents accordingly.
* Performs physical examination and review of all body systems and documents such accordingly.

* Develops an appropriate and effective Plan of Care (POC) to be submitted to the physician for approval and implementation.
* Evaluates the patients ADL and iADL abilities.
* Assists the physician in evaluating level of function.
* Functionally reassesses the patient for on-going therapy services.
* Helps develop the plan of care (revising if necessary) and at least every 30 days.
* Develops and implements the HHA plan of care when HHA services are ordered. Revises and signs this care plan the beginning of each certification period if nursing has already discharged out of the case.
* Supervises the HHA in accordance with state/federal requirements and documents the supervision if OT is the only discipline on the case & HHA is ordered.
* Establishes OT goals based on current level of functioning and potential for improvement.
* Reviews billing processes with patient and/or family advising patient and/or family when co-pay or Medicare is not likely to pay for services.
* Effectively communicates with patient and family the POC and progression of such. Keeps the patient informed ongoing.
* Effectively instructs patients and families in the prescribed OT therapeutic, self-care and other activities that are directed at improving independence and physical and/or mental functioning.
* Effectively communicates with other disciplines on the case.
* Communication with the patients physician (verbally and/or in writing) to obtain OT treatment modalities and/or assistive therapy modalities to effect the best means to obtain the desired outcome for the specific medical problem that caused the case to open and/or recertify.
* Instructs patients and/or families in the safe use of OT assistive devices as per orders.
* Communicates in the case conferencing sessions.
* Submits accurate, complete paperwork at the end of every week.
* Submits requests for re-authorization of "more visits needed" prior to third party insurers authorized number of visits expiring.
* Participates in the Performance Improvement Committee process as requested.
* Performs clinical record reviews (CRR) per agency policy in collaboration with the Director of Home Health Services. Submits the CRR timely.
* Participates in staff meetings and in-services ongoing.
* Participates in the growth of office by being a preceptor for newly hired, same discipline employees.
* Participates in the planning, operation and evaluation of the therapy services of the organization.
* Maintains professional licensure and actively seeks out educational experiences to enhance the practice of home care occupational therapy for her/him and the benefit of the patients serviced.
* Notifies the Agency of emergencies, sickness, and other imminent occurrences that may affect the patient caseload as quickly as possible relative to the events occurrence.
* Submits written time requests 2 weeks or more in advance of planned time off.
* Other duties as assigned.


Employee will be expected to participate in continuous learning, competency building and maintenance of competency skills.


* Indoors, performing patient care assessments/tasks in the patients residence.
* Travel to patient residences/meetings; will require transportation to get to various work sites. Vehicle to do routine patient visits, possible transfer/lifting devices, medical supplies, OT assistive devices
* Possible exposure to communicable diseases.
* Able to access patients homes that may not be handicap accessible.
* Able to hear, speak, understand and communicate effectively in English
* On a daily basis: walking, standing, sitting, reaching, use of telephone, use of computers & other office equipment, lifting/transferring 150 lbs or greater, bending, stooping, climbing stairs.


Reports to and is supervised directly by the Director of Home Health Services. Employee is also accountable for understanding and complying with CPLC policies and procedures.

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