Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Police Officer (lateral)

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Job Description


Under general supervision performs a variety of law enforcement tasks associated with patrol, traffic control, public assistance, investigation of criminal activity/crime scenes, apprehension of offenders, and aid in the prosecution of cases in court. This job class is a driving position, and treated as FLSA non-exempt.

Essential Functions : (Essential functions, may vary among positions, but may include the following tasks, knowledge, abilities, skills, and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not intended to be comprehensive listing of tasks performed by all positions in this classification).

Examples of Tasks

1. Patrols the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC), including off-road areas, in a radio-equipped vehicle to preserve law and order by discovering/preventing the commission of crimes and enforcing State and Tribal laws and ordinances. Talks to Community members while on routine patrol to answer their questions and to demonstrate interest in them and their Community.

2. Responds to calls and complaints involving automobile accidents, robberies, assaults, fights, domestic disturbances, animal problems, and other criminal activities and civil complaints in order to secure the crime scene, identify witnesses, conduct preliminary investigations, and generally re-establish law and order at the scene. Deals with upset and angry people; attempts to calm them, explain procedures and get their cooperation. Determines whether there is probable cause for arrest at domestic disturbance. Charges and books arrested person; completes the necessary paperwork and procedures.

3. Secures and investigates crimes scene to ensure that the collection, preservation and handling of physical evidence and property meets established professional and legal standards. Interviews victims, suspects, witnesses to obtain and verify information pertinent to the investigation and resolution of a variety of criminal incidents.

4. Prepares reports, complaints, affidavits and other related technical legal documents regarding the progress, findings, and results of the investigative process to document the facts of an incident and facilitate the apprehension, prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator. Preserves and documents crime scene by processing the scene for fingerprints and taking fingerprints and taking still photographs, videotaping or sketching the crime scene.

5. Enforces traffic laws and ordinances by checking vehicle speed; issues citations when violations are observed. Runs license/registration check on the driver on a stopped vehicle to determine if the motorist has outstanding charges/warrants.

6. Testifies in court regarding the facts of the case as known first-hand, evidence collected, notes, and actions taken. Presents a good appearance and credible image while appearing in court or at hearings. Appears in court to present evidence and sworn testimony on behalf of the SRPMIC.

7. Conducts self in a manner which maintains integrity; remains free from involvement in unlawful or inappropriate activities. Attends classes, workshops, and conferences on police procedures to updates and improve skills.

8. Adheres to all training, policies, procedures, chain of custody, rules of evidence and laws. Maintains strict confidence and security of all data, financial accounts, information, intelligence, metrics, audio, video, computer analytics and meta data, police reports, supplements and associated case files, physical evidence, photographs, statistics and any other materials that are confidential and sensitive to all cases, investigations, personnel records and the operations or property of the SRPD and SRPMIC.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics :
  • Knowledge of the history, culture, laws, rules, customs and traditions of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
  • Knowledge of the SRPMIC ordinances to be enforced.
  • Knowledge of state and federal statutes, codes and ordinances to be enforced.
  • Knowledge of police operations principles and practices including investigation, patrol, communications, records, community/public relations, and crime prevention.

  • Skill in establishing and maintain effective working relationships with other law enforcement/regulatory agencies, departmental staff, Community officials, members of the Community, and the public.
  • Skill in analyzing and evaluating information accurately, and in expressing ideas clearly, when providing oral and written reports and recommendations.
  • Skill in maintaining confidentiality and using discretion in dealing with sensitive information.

  • Ability to adapt to changing work situations and assignments.
  • Ability to analyze data, draw logical conclusions, and make sound decisions.
  • Ability to properly handle emergencies and pressure without losing composure.
  • Ability to speak clearly, understandably and effectively.
  • Ability to learn criminal law, laws of arrest, search and seizure.
  • Ability to maintain integrity and be assertive about personal and predominant Community values without becoming aggressive.
  • Ability to exercise resourcefulness in addressing new problems.
  • Ability to quickly learn and properly apply new methods and information, and to remember what is learned.
  • Ability to get along with a variety of people and to work well as part of a team.
  • Ability to read and comprehend police-related materials; e.g., laws, training material.

Minimum Qualifications

Qualifications :

Education & Experience: Graduation from high school or GED. Must be able to obtain Arizona Police Officer Standard and Training (AZ Post) certification.
  • Applicants that are not AZ Post certified Police Officers must pass a physical agility assessment and written assessment to be considered for hire with the SRPMIC Police Department. Failure to pass either of the components will be considered an automatic disqualifier.
  • The physical agility assessment must be completed within the designated timeframe established by SRPMIC Police Department.
  • The written assessment must be passed with a score of 70% or better.

  • Laterals - To be considered a lateral you must currently be AZ Post certified. The written and physical agility tests will be waived for current AZ POST certified Officers.

    Equivalency: Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience that would allow the candidate to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position, will be considered.

    Underfill Eligibility: An enrolled Community Member whom closely qualifies for the minimum qualifications for a position may be considered for employment under SRPMIC Policy 2-19, Underfill.

    Special Requirements

    Must be able to pass an Arizona Post (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training) background investigation. Must be able to meet P.O.S.T. Drug standards.
    • Employees in, and applicants applying for, jobs providing direct services to children are subject to the "Community Code of Ordinances", Chapter 11, "Minors", Article X. "Investigation of Persons Working With Children".
    • Must possess and maintain a valid Arizona Driver's License.

    Additional Information For Lateral Police Officers:

    • Lateral Police Officers are eligible for transfer to open specialty assignments upon successful completion of SRPD's Field Training Officer (FTO) Program for new officers. Specialty assignments include however are not limited to in the Traffic Enforcement Bureau, Criminal Investigations Division (Detectives), Special Operations Unit, Crisis Negotiator Team, Ranger Unit, Gang Unit, K9 and several other assignments. Minimum requirements for each specialty must be met by each officer for application to a specialty unit and the officer must still participate in the associated selection process.

    Prior to hire as an employee, applicants will be subject to drug and alcohol testing. Will be required to pass a pre-employment background/fingerprint check. Employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

    "SRPMIC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer" Preference will be given to a qualified : Community Member Veteran, Community Member, Spouse of Community Member, qualified Native American, and then other qualified candidate.

    In order to obtain preference, the following is required: 1) Qualified Community Member Veteran (DD-214) will be required at the time of application submission 2) Qualified Community Member (must provide Tribal I.D at time of application submission),3) Spouse of a Community Member (Marriage License/certificate and spouse Tribal ID or CIB is required at time of application submission), and 4) Native American (Tribal ID or CIB required at time of application submission).

    Documents may be submitted by one of the following methods:

    1) attach to application

    2) fax (480) 362-5860

    3) mail or hand deliver to Human Resources.

    Documentation must be received by position closing date.

    The IHS/BIA Form-4432 is not accepted .

    Your Tribal ID/CIB must be submitted to HR-Recruitment-Two Waters.