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Preschool SPED Teacher

Posted 28 days ago

Job Description

Openings as of 7/7/2020
Elementary School Teaching K-2

  • Preschool SPED Teacher JobID: 211
  • Position Type:
    Elementary School Teaching K-2/Early Childhood

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Desert View Preschool
    (High-Needs School)

  • Date Available:
    Open Until Filled

  • Closing Date:
    Open Until Filled

  • Job Title: Preschool Special Education Teacher

    The job of "Preschool Teacher" is done for the purpose of facilitating student success in all domains of early learning: language and literacy, social studies, science, mathematics, the arts, physical development, and social/emotional development through implementing District approved curriculum; documenting teaching and student progress/activities/outcomes; addressing specific educational needs of students; providing a safe and optimal learning environment and providing feedback to students, parents and administration regarding student progress, expectations, goals, etc.

    Essential Job Functions:
    * Advises parents and/or legal guardians of student progress for the purpose of supporting teacher's expectations, developing methods for improvement and/or reinforcing classroom goals in the home environment.
    * Assesses student for the purpose of providing feedback to students, parents and administration regarding students' progress, expectations, goals, etc. in a timely manner according to IDEA.
    * Assists other teachers for the purpose of implementing curriculum.
    * Collaborates with school personnel, parents and various community agencies for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcomes, developing solutions and planning curriculum.
    * Directs instructional assistants, volunteers and/or student aides for the purpose of providing an effective school program and addressing the needs of individual students.
    * Instructs students for the purpose of improving their success in academic, interpersonal and daily living skills through a defined course of study.
    * Monitors student activities (e.g. classroom, lunch, grounds, etc.) for the purpose of providing a safe and optimal learning environment.
    * Prepares teaching materials and reports (e.g. grades, attendance, anecdotal records, IEPs, etc.) for the purpose of implementing lesson plans and providing documentation of teacher and student progress, including student IEP goals and progress with data collection procedures.
    * Reports incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment and adhering to Education Code, district and/or school policies.
    * Maintain the necessary current records and reports as requested.

    Other Job Functions:
    * Participates in various meetings (e.g. parent conferences, in-service training, site meetings, faculty meetings etc.) for the purpose of receiving and/or providing information and/or meeting credential requirements.
    * Initiate, plan and carry out parent conferences and IEP meetings.
    * May perform duties such as feeding, changing, or positioning high-needs students.
    * Perform other such duties as assigned by the administration and the Governing Board.
    * Be familiar with law relating to teachers and students, policies, rules and regulations of the Page Unified School District #8 Governing Board, and with the courses of study and curriculum guides adopted for the work of their respective teaching assignments.

    Job Requirements - Qualifications:
    Experience Preferred: Prior job related experience.

    Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required:

    • Knowledge of age appropriate teaching methods, state curriculum framework, education code.
    • Ability to stand and walk for prolonged periods, perform a variety of specialized tasks, maintain records, establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, parents, other school personnel, meet schedules and deadlines. Significant physical abilities include lifting/carrying 40-50 lbs, stooping, reaching/handling, talking/hearing conversations, near/far visual acuity/depth perception/accommodation/ color vision/field of vision.
    • Licenses, Certifications, Bonding, and/or Testing Required: Teaching Credentials and all endorsements in the area(s) of assignment. Must be highly qualified and properly certified as outlined by NCLB in the area of assignment. Must obtain Fingerprint Clearance from Arizona Department of Public Safety.
    • Skills to motivate students, communicate with individuals from varied educational and cultural backgrounds, support personnel, evaluate performance.