Steward Medical Group

North Dartmouth, MA

Radiology Assistant

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Job Description

Location: Steward Medical Group - North
Posted Date: 2/5/2021

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Under the guidance of a physician or Registered Radiologic Technologist, assists in the preparation of the patient, x-ray room and supplies. In doing so, ensures the patient is properly prepared, obtains a relevant patient history and that all supplies are readily available for the physician and/or technologist.
  2. Processes films by automatic processing; properly identifies films with patients I.D.
  3. Prepares paperwork as necessary including appropriate billing documentation and assures proper physician order has been obtained.
  4. Takes responsibility to ensure previous outside films are available for comparison. Provides follow up and notification to the appropriate person when films are delayed or otherwise not available. Maintains constant communication with the interpreting physician so as to provide the best possible patient care.
  5. Provides radiation protection in accordance with prescribed safety standards. Screens all patients as appropriate for possibility of pregnancy.
  6. Explains the exam to the patient taking into consideration the physical and emotional needs of the patient while maintaining ethical standards, including but not limited to, patient confidentiality, professional conduct and patients physical privacy.
  7. Maintains a clean work area, prepares the equipment, patient room, and stocks supplies. In a timely fashion informs appropriate personnel when orders need to be placed.
  8. Participate in quality assurance and quality improvement projects as well as utilizing appropriate cost containment measures.
  9. Remain flexible in all shift coverage and overtime situations, as they become necessary.
  10. Use independent judgment and initiative under pressure in a variety of situations when performing patient procedures.
  11. To maintain effective working relations and communication with departmental and other Hawthorn Medical personnel as well as various community interactions as appropriate to the position.
  12. Be knowledgeable in the operation of all film processing equipment. Must be able to check patient appointments and obtain patient reports from Meditech as well as the Radiology Information System (RIMS).
  13. Execute paperwork as necessary for each patient exam, including but not limited to CPT codes and checking all Physician order sheets prior to the patient exam.
  14. Participate in educational programs pertinent to the job. Attend staff meetings and in service education programs.
  15. Perform all other duties as directed including but not limited to reception and film library.


  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Experience working with patients in a patient care environment.
  • CPR Certification.

Skills and Abilities Required:

Must have interpersonal skills sufficient to interact effectively with patients who may be under physical and/or emotional stress. Must possess analytical abilities necessary to acquire and effectively utilize knowledge of fluoroscopy processes and procedures, and general anatomy. Presents a positive attitude and a professional appearance. Compliance with the dress code policy.

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