Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Realty Services Supervisor

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Job Description



Under general supervision of the Assistant Community Development Department (CDD) Director, provides supervision for the Realty Services Unit. Responsible for establishing, organizing and monitoring the Realty Services Unit and its operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory authorities, and acts as the Community's subject matter expert on various land transactions specific to land held in trust for individual Indians and Tribes (Indian Land). Oversees the workflow of all land transactions (gift deed, land sale, land exchange, fee to trust, etc.), homesite leasing and subsequent actions, deed of trust approvals, and compliance work Units. Ensures the various Unit's measurable productivity is consistent with, and supports, the Division's objectives in supporting CDD's and the Community's overall development goals. This position requires that the candidate/employee have United States Department of the Interior Security Clearance or be pre-screened for clearance. This job class is treated as FLSA Exempt.

Essential Functions : Essential functions may vary among positions and may include the following tasks and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not intended to be comprehensive list of tasks performed by all positions in this classification.

Examples of Tasks

1. Supervision: Supervises, coaches, counsels assigned Realty staff and plans, prioritizes, schedules and coordinates workflow; sets work priorities, assignments, goals and expectations for performance; counsels employees, recommends and/or makes employment-related decisions regarding hiring, performance, discipline, etc. Ensures that quality and accurate work is completed following Federal Regulations, Tribal Ordinances, department guidelines, and HR policies.

2. Training and Mentoring: Mentors assigned staff to attain technical and customer service excellence, instills confidence to perform independently and attain further career progression goals.
  • Conducts regular and timely performance feedback session and mentors staff on professional improvement.
  • Develops and participates in training plans to ensure staff have the necessary knowledge, skill and ability to meet and exceed goals and expectations.
  • Recognizes staff's limitations, strengths and identifies training potential where necessary and devises creative means or opportunities for staff to play to their strengths.
  • Provides training for all Realty staff with an emphasis on cross-training so that employees are capable of performing the duties of multiple positions to assure uninterrupted operations.
  • Develops work schedules for Realty staff to ensure all customer service needs are met and that each employee is adequately tasked with appropriate assignments within their respective areas.

3. Realty Operations: Assists the Assistant CDD Director with establishing benchmarks for improving the effectiveness of Realty Services in meeting Community needs.
  • Recommends and implements performance measurements and goals, assists in identifying performance metrics and preparing regular reports, such as departmental monthly, quarterly or annual reports and self-governance activities reports.
  • Compliance with federal performance measures such as the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).
  • Works closely with EDD, Probate, PW and ECS to identify and develop ways to improve operational policies, practices, procedures and methodologies.
  • Assist Assistant CDD Director to envision, plan and execute goals, projects, tasks, assignments, reports, forecasts, budgets, meetings and presentations pertaining to Realty Services.

  • Helps develop and communicate Section goals and objectives to the staff and other constituencies as required. Seeks feedback from the Tribal Council, Administration, CDD executive staff and incorporates ideas into the Section's "vision" and mission of the department and the community.

4. Community Education: Informs and educates Community members and landowners and tribal leaders about topics and issues that relate to land ownership, land conveyances, exchanges, partitions, sales, purchases, appraisals, residential leases, easements, rights-of-way, surveys, estate planning, probate, recording and related topics.
  • Establishes and recommends an overall short and long-term education plan including objectives, content, timeframe, outreach to Community, etc.
  • Partners with other CDD Divisions regarding education related initiatives regarding topics of mutual concern.
  • Helps develop and communicate Realty goals and objectives to the staff and other constituencies as required. Seeks feedback from the Tribal Council, Administration, and CDD executive staff and incorporates ideas into the Section's "vision" and mission.
  • Utilizes various communication methods and avenues to create information outreach opportunities.

5. Realty Administration : Provides administrative management and support for the Office of Realty Services Section including making recommendations for overall improvement and streamlining.
  • Compiles and publishes Unit performance statistics as required.
  • Prepares operational status and productivity reports as directed by the Assistant CDD Director.
  • Manages time, plans, delegates and quickly re-prioritizes as new situations and demands warrant.
  • Helps coordinates and ensure implementation of the American Indian Probate Reform Act (AIPRA), the Indian Land Consolidation Act (lLCA) and other Realty related Community ordinances and federal laws.
  • Ensures that all land conveyances, land partitions, land exchanges and home assignments are carried out in full compliance with Community ordinances and federal requirements.
  • Assists with the promotion of landowner outreach efforts concerning land fractionation and estate planning.
  • Directs the implementation and management of home site leases on allotted and tribal lands.
  • Coordinates self-governance programs relating to the Office of Realty Services and ensures all process are in full compliance.

7. Miscellaneous: Performs other job related duties as assigned by the Assistant CDD Director or CDD Director.

-Knowledge of the history, culture, laws, customs, traditions and languages of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
-Knowledge of principles, concepts, and practices of land management and leasing of federal trust lands, including surface and mineral leasing, permits and rights-of-way.
-Knowledge of appraisal and land acquisition processes and industry approved procedures.
-Knowledge of title conveyances.
-Knowledge of probate services and processes including by testate and intestate methods.
-Knowledge of the history, culture, laws, rules, ordinances, customs and traditions of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
-Knowledge of short and long range planning.
-Knowledge of land-use ordinances, laws and regulations.
-Knowledge of estate planning of federal trust property.
-Knowledge of home ownership and residential ground leases pertaining to Community and federal trust lands.
-Knowledge of land consolidation techniques.
-Knowledge of real property appraisal methods.
-Knowledge of titles to real and personal property.
-Knowledge of title examinations, research and analysis.
-Knowledge of easements and right-of-way practices pertaining to Community and federal trust lands.
-Knowledge of surveying methods and practices.
-Knowledge of legal descriptions.
-Knowledge of Community and federal trust land leases and lease compliance issues.
-Knowledge of land conveyance methods including trust patents, deeds, probate, partitions, escheats, condemnations, wills-by-patent, gift, will, intestacy, exchange, partition, operation of law, escheat, eminent domain, sale, purchase, mortgage, relinquishment, cancellation or other method.
-Knowledge of program planning, design and evaluation.

-Skill organizing and prioritizing workload and managing multiple projects.
-Skill establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the Tribal Council, Community Members, homeowners and land owners, representatives from state and federal agencies, etc.
-Skill researching, data-gathering and information compilation and analysis.
-Skill investigating, analyzing, evaluating and resolving operational and personnel problems.
-Skill analyzing data, drawing logical conclusions and making sound decisions and recommendations.
-Skill forming cooperative relationships.
-Skill understanding and interpreting complex laws, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines.
-Skill with public speaking, active listening and communicating effectively with a wide variety of people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
-Skill with supervisory methods and techniques.

-Ability to express ideas effectively, both in written and oral forms - in individual and group situations.
-Ability to gain and maintain federal security clearance for the United States Department of the Interior data systems.
-Ability to provide effective mentoring, supervision and leadership to staff. Plan and support the development of individuals' skills and abilities.
-Ability to problem-solve and exercise resourcefulness in addressing new problems.
-Ability to use a personal computer and related software.
-Ability to lift and carry 25 lbs.
Minimum Qualifications

Education & Experience: A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in Realty, Land Management/Development, Urban Planning, Economics, Business Administration or a closely related field required. At least 3 years of increasingly responsible experience in Realty, Real Estate, Land Acquisition and/or Appraisal, Probate, Title conveyances or other closely related work required.

  • 2 years experience working in a Native American Tribal realty function or work in administration, planning or development of federal trust lands preferred.

Equivalency: Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience that would allow the candidate to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position, will be considered.

Underfill Eligibility: An enrolled Community Member whom closely qualifies for the minimum qualifications for a position may be considered for employment under SRPMIC Policy 2-19, Underfill.

Certification: The employee must have United States Department of the Interior Security Clearance or pre-clearance for information system access and use.

Special Requirements

May be required to work outside normal business hours including nights, weekends and holidays. May be required to travel within the United States on occasion to attend conferences, consultations, training, etc.

Prior to hire as an employee, applicants will be subject to drug and alcohol testing. Will be required to pass a pre-employment background/fingerprint check. Employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

"SRPMIC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer" Preference will be given to a qualified Community Member, then a qualified Native American and then other qualified candidate.

In order to obtain consideration for Community member/Native American preference, applicant must submit a copy of Tribal Enrollment card or CIB which indicates enrollment in a Federally Recognized Native American Tribe by one of the following methods:

1) attach to application

2) fax (480) 362-5860

3) mail or hand deliver to Human Resources.

Documentation must be received by position closing date. The IHS/BIA Form-4432 is not accepted . Your Tribal ID/CIB must be submitted to HR-Recruitment-Two Waters.