Zillow, Inc.

Seattle, Washington, United States

Software Development Engineer

Posted 21 days ago

Job Description

Zillow, Inc. is seeking a Software Development Engineer for its Seattle, Washington office.

Job Duties: Create intelligent, data-driven products and machine learning systems that will help the company take advantage of strategic opportunities in the market. Responsible for all phases of the development cycle including design, implementation, testing, and release. Build a technology platform that enables scaled and distributed real estate operations to deliver an outstanding transaction experience to sellers and buyers at the company. Participate in the implementation of web services, operational workflows, and software applications that serve as the foundation of the platform. Utilize programming languages to build and scale resilient backend software services. Responsible for the architecture, building, and maintenance of highly scalable software for data production and the company's data platform. Telecommuting is permitted.

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Please send résumé to:

Job # P743006

Zillow, Inc.

Attn: Jay Tariga

1301 Second Avenue

Floor 31

Seattle, WA 98101

Or jobs@zillow.com