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Posted 9 days ago

Job Description

Part-time Mandt Trainer

This is a wonderful professional development opportunity anyone interested in engaging in promoting safety with clients and in the workplace. All of AllHealth Networks 24-hour Acute Care Campus staff are trained annually in The Mandt System, a comprehensive, integrated approach to preventing, de-escalating, and if necessary, intervening when the behavior of an individual poses a threat of harm to themselves and/or others. It focuses on building healthy relationships and reducing workplace violence. (More details can be found at

We are seeking a person who would undertake all of the Mandt training at the Acute Care Campus on a part-time basis. We usually hold at least five Mandt trainings every month in or near downtown Littleton, ranging from 4 to 7 hours each class and totaling 24 hours per month. However, this schedule is flexible classes cannot always run if we have an insufficient number of enrollments, occasionally we require extra classes, and some classes can run shorter than others if there are fewer participants.

The shortest basic Mandt training is held via Zoom, with the remaining four are usually held in person. During the pandemic, the class sizes are kept small and social-distanced as much as possible with all staff wearing masks, yet there are times when social-distancing cannot be maintained because staff need to practice physical holds with each other and with the instructor. During the pandemic, classes may also move entirely online via Zoom at short notice.

The ideal candidate would have:

  • Strong communication skills You can communicate new and old concepts to adult learners and relay those concepts in a way that is engaging and helpful.
  • Organization skills You know how to organize the Mandt sessions and materials in an engaging and practical way for learners retention levels. In addition, you can clearly communicate and document whats required of each learner and when.
  • Adaptability You can adapt if certain Mandt material isnt clicking with some learners, or you need to switch schedules. You should be able to constantly finding new and engaging ways to relay the same concepts and not be afraid to adopt new learning strategies or materials so that theyre accessible and engaging.
  • Enthusiasm for learning You display a sincere enthusiasm for learning. You are always learning new things yourself while inspiring others to do the same. You have the skills required to be continuous learners and motivate continuous learning.
  • Technology skills You know how to operate and troubleshoot technology thats used inside a workplace classroom setting, i.e. Zoom, PowerPoint, clicker, projector/TV screen.
  • A clinical background in a 24-hr behavioral health facility is preferred.
  • A background in facilitating trainings for adult learners is preferred.
  • A background in Mandt or some other crisis intervention training is useful.

AllHealth Network will pay for the successful candidate to be officially certified in Mandt. This certification lasts for two years. The training consists of two 4-day sessions which may be in Colorado but are usually out of state, depending on the official Mandt Certification Training schedule. The successful candidate must attend both 4-day trainings, and will be required to arrive the day before and stay the day after. AllHealth Network will pay for any travel expenses required, including flights and hotels.

Hourly Rate: $20 - $23 an hour

The base salary range represents the low and high end of the AllHealth Network salary range for this position. Actual salaries will vary and may be above or below the range based on various factors including but not limited to experience, education, training, merit, and the ability to embody the AllHealth Network mission and values. The range listed is just one component of AllHealth Networks total compensation package for employees.

AllHealth Network is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. Applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, parental status, ancestry, disability, gender identity, veteran status, genetic information, other distinguishing characteristics of diversity and inclusion, or any other protected status.

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