Peoria Unified School District

Glendale, AZ


Posted 11 days ago

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    Volunteers/Classroom Volunteer

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    Marshall Ranch Elementary - Glendale, AZ

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    Peoria Unified School District
    Level 2 Volunteer

    Level 2 Volunteer Chaperones, Indirectly Supervised
    Those who volunteer to support a student chaperoning event such as a field trip, dance, or those who are indirectly supervised at other events.
    Level 2 volunteers must complete an application and be recommended by the school to be considered for the opportunity. A minimum of one (1) reference check is required. In addition, a background check must clear, and fingerprints will be rolled at the District Office. If the volunteer possesses an Arizona IVP Fingerprint Card, fingerprints do not need to be rolled, but a copy of the IVP Fingerprint card must be provided to Human Resources.

    New volunteers are required to read the districts Volunteer Handbook, view the Volunteer Orientation video, complete the Emergency Contact Sheet and turn in to the front office where volunteering.

    The major goal of the districts volunteer program is to assist schools in providing the best possible education for each student. The services of volunteers are utilized in schools and district offices to accomplish the following objectives:
    • to relieve teachers and support personnel of some non-instructional tasks;
    • to provide teachers with more time to work with students;
    • to enrich the curriculum and childrens learning opportunities;
    • to provide individual attention to those children who need more one-on-one assistance than the classroom teacher is able to provide;
    • to promote a school-home-community partnership for quality education.
    Peoria Unified School Volunteers:
    recognize that well-educated children are our greatest natural resource;
    are dependable;
    have good health and moral character;
    are willing to accept supervision and responsibility;
    understand and appreciate the work of the school staff.


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